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ISBN: 9781476432595

2019 Re-Released

During the 50’s and 60’s it seemed to be a time when others preferred to just look the other way when it came to domestic abuse! It appeared that no one wanted to get involved. I grew up in one such home, I was broken and no one seemed to care!

“Why does he act that way” Is a question people often asked concerning me?

My life growing up was not full of on the battlefield drama. It does not contain heroic adventures. Instead my life spread out here before you and my offspring is a story of childhood abuse, despair and heartbreak.

From a very early age the abuse inflicted on a small child can and does create deep emotional wounds that can and often does affect a person’s whole life course. As I remember looking back, if not for the two people in my life who became my protectors I may have turned out…a very different person.

My life story is one of torture and abuse, of searching for hope and solace in a world that seemed to be against me everywhere I turned. In time I did find the ability to believe in myself because others did first. I found true love! This is a story that must be told so that others will understand. “Why I am the way I am!”

Broken, Memoirs by R. A. Rios (Book Review #393)

By Jeyran Main on January 18, 2018 

Broken, is a memoir written about the author’s life, how he grew up and the challenges he faced with abuse and recovery. From the beginning, it is very easy to see that life has not been easy. Losing a father while his mother is pregnant with his sister, taking beatings and several close to death situations, all take its toll on our protagonist.

The intention of writing the book is clear. The author wishes to display the notion that we, as humans can survive the hardest of situations and still outnumber the odds. The feeling that no one cares was quite apparent, and that left an impression on me as a reader.

The literature was easy to follow and understand. The book isn’t long and does not really sway off topic. Everything is clear and the message, in the end, provides evidence that love makes you stronger.

It was easy to feel for the author and to comprehend what he has gone through. This statement is not to mean that I personally have gone through the same, but to say that the way it was written enabled me to apprehend how he would have been feeling at the time.

I recommend this book to people that like to read memoirs and happy ending stories.

Written by Jeyran Main



Readers Reviews


This book is going on my RBR pile. Your book reviews are accurate and well written. I admire your dedication and the awarded top 200 book blog award!!! The intention of writing the book is clear. The author wishes to display the notion that we, as humans can survive the hardest of situations and still outnumber the odds. The feeling that no one cares was quite apparent, and that left an impression on me as a reader.*Jackie* Huge FAN.

I'm up to chapter 5 and all I can say is Wow! So far the book has pulled me in and it is so powerful.  Very emotional...and the cover that you have chosen says it all.  L.W.


It was a heart wrenching book to read, very emotional.   Tecmama


I loved it...thank you.  Yes, it did bring a tear of joy to me and of hope.  It's a great story! Fol 


I love to read your writings…Fol


You are a wonderful and amazing story teller.  Keeps my interest going and the 2nd story "WHY" A childs Plea! was as if the child was telling the story himself.  Linda


It is wonderful, keeps you wanting to read more and more and find out what happens in the end.  It takes you through so many emotions and makes you feel the pain, the sorrow, hear the cries for help, the emotional turmoil the writer goes through, the joy, the struggles, the confusion, the daily fears, the insecurities, hopelessness and finally the trust and awareness of what he has accomplised in this life.  The understanding that life is unfair and unjust but worth the struggle for happiness.  F.Gescat


Yes, it did bring a tear of joy to me and of hope.  It's a great story!  L.Simm



Rudy B.


Can't get enough, your writing is so very engrossing! Debbie


My daughter loves your children tales, please write more…Pat

If no one has told you yet, let me be the first to let you know, you are an inspiring person, kind, gentle, and caring. Your family should be proud of your accomplishments. I really mean that since I know you on a personal level and know all the struggles in life you have gone through. At your darkest hour, you have pulled through and have continued to serve others in the midst of calamities. Don't ever give up on your true dreams. God is watching you as you know.
Your new website is great, it pulls you in. Keep writing and telling your stories, it can save people's lives, and that my friend, is the most important thing you can be doing right now! I love what you are doing, so keep on it R.A. Rios!...Carol Q.

As a Guardian Ad Litem volunteer I have to re-certify each year and part of that re-certification is reading related books of child abuse. I have read dozens of books and unfortunately doubt the veracity of some. However, I found this book believable and thank Mr. Rios for sharing his unfortunate experiences...Anonymous



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