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WHY? A Childs Plea!

ISBN: 9781476322117


2019 Re-Released

Why? A Childs Plea! Is a thought provoking…truly inspirational and provocative narrative short story that is described thru the mind’s eye of a child! Based on the actual event of those seventeen days of November 1993. 

Mickey guides us through his childhood memories to describe it's effect on his life.

Even with the breakup of his family unit Mickey helps us too appreciate that there is always hope. 

Follow along as Mickey's story puts in too perspective how important the child's mental, emotional and physical needs are for their comfort, well being and security!


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Adventures of Maxx

ISBN: 9781476468372


This is an exciting tale of true friendship! It is a story of adventure between Nathan and his friend Maxx, his Rat! Come along if you are curious, or are looking for a little excitement and danger?
This is not a friendship for those faint of heart! If your up for an adventure of a lifetime then join us for "The Adventures of Maxx. Part one "Maxx the bomb sniffing rat"!


ISBN: 9781301546374



I Wish is a picture book for children of all ages. "I Wish" asks those burning questions children have and at the same time allows you the parent to discuss and interact with your child while discussing the rhymes and pictures.


ISBN: 9781476432595


2019 Re-Released

During the 50’s and 60’s it seemed to be a time when others preferred to just look the other way when it came to domestic abuse! It appeared that no one wanted to get involved. I grew up in one such home, I was broken and no one seemed to care!

“Why does he act that way” Is a question people often asked concerning me?

My life growing up was not full of on the battlefield drama. It does not contain heroic adventures. Instead my life spread out here before you and my offspring is a story of childhood abuse, despair and heartbreak.

From a very early age the abuse inflicted on a small child can and does create deep emotional wounds that can and often does affect a person’s whole life course. As I remember looking back, if not for the two people in my life who became my protectors I may have turned out…a very different person.

My life story is one of torture and abuse, of searching for hope and solace in a world that seemed to be against me everywhere I turned. In time I did find the ability to believe in myself because others did first. I found true love! This is a story that must be told so that others will understand. “Why I am the way I am!”

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