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2019 Re-Released

Robert, after suffering a week of regrets from spring break decides to take a walk where he comes across an elderly women along the beach who begins to tell him her story. This is a story about a young Latin girl’s first experience with love and prejudice during the late 1950’s. Just out of high school she is full of hopes and dreams like many a young teen.

Her parents attempt to help her to become a more responsible person by pushing her to find her first job. Inexperienced with life she finds herself thrust into a position where she is torn between her infatuation of a young Chinese man and the prejudice’s expressed by her family.

As she developed feelings for this young man she must decide, whom will she chose? Is this true love or just a young girl’s obsession for love? What kind of long lasting divisions and sacrifices is she will to make between her new found love and her family in the face of prejudice.

The answers to these questions and many more are answered as you read Angie’s story!

A Gift for Sarah!


2019 New Release

After hearing the bad news Bill decides to give his wife since high school one last gift. But this gift cannot be just any ordinary gift, as it must be an everlasting gift that will last the test of time!

Bill’s love for Sarah is very evident from the start. While Bill relates his story of his past present and future you will begin to not only sympathize with Bill but even relate to his troubles and pain.

We will share and experience with him, life’s highs and lows, his good times and bad, his fears and sorrows as well as all the joys and happiness that he and Sarah shared together. You will experience how he felt about the music that they both loved and shared with others. Prepare yourself for a journey that you will not soon forget!

Thru Bill's eyes we will follow him on his trip into the past, present and future and when you are done, you will be sure to carry a little bit of Bill with you!

We invite you to share with us this extraordinary journey into the life and death of Bill Modeen

They Called It Puppy Love!


2019 New Release

Toby and Mary experience romantic affections for one another even though they know that they are really too young to know any better. These new feelings set their life course down a one way street out of control.

When we are young these emotional feelings sometime stir within us the thoughts of true love, but they seldom last, therefore the term ‘puppy love.’

This story is about Toby and Mary and the exceptional emotional experience that they go thru in their search for "true love."

Come along on this emotional rollercoaster ride into true love that brings them real joy as well as lots of emotional pain and heart break. Their story and search for true love spans a period of twelve years but over that time the suffering that this one man must go through is more than any person should ever have to bear.

Michael & Skyler


2019 Re-Released

Michael & Skyler is a story of friendship shared between two young cousins and an adventure of a lifetime. Their adventure gives us a glimpse into the kind of trouble that two young boys can get themselves into before realizing that there in too far.

Our tale will have you reeling with laughs as we follow them thru their misadventure. This is an adventure story for those young at heart who love to use their imaginations!

Michael is a tender loving soul but he has one huge defining problem. He has no common sense, with his side kick Skyler to keep him out of trouble they still find a way to get themselves into the most precarious situations.

They decide that they will become treasure hunters in search of the Sugar Hill Gangs loot “The Wells Fargo's Lost Gold” it was a large shipment of gold and money taken from a train robbery in the late 1800's to early 1900's. What follows is complete mayhem as the boys decide to keep the loot for themselves.

This tail has so many twists and turns that you will need to hold on for the ride as Michael and Skyler take you on an adventure that will have you laughing until you cry!

Nathan's Secret

ISBN: 9781476492445

2019 Re-Released Book 1

You are invited to follow this New series of “The Adventures of Nathan.” The adventure has only just begun as Nathan and Michael will take you and your imagination to new heights as we follow them through adolescents into young manhood discovering the reason for Nathan’s powers as we watch them grow to be the super heroes they were meant to be!

With Michael by his side, their adventures are not always spelled out as you would expect. Being human with human emotions and tendencies as well as desires, they soon find themselves in situations which even with Nathan’s super powers, at times will have you scratching your head in disbelief.

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