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ISBN 9781370033959

The world has changed by the twenty second century, but not all is what we would have dreamt it could be. Mankind has made great strides in the way of technical progress, but has mankind gone too far? To what extent will mankind go too extend his life? Follow Tom as he survives a disaster of epic proportions that changes the world and his life forever! Dramatically affected by this cataclysmic disaster, Tom suffers from horrific nightmares. In his fight to survive Tom soon stumbles upon something amazing, a 200 level underground City! Follow Tom and his discovery of these mind-altering testing labs that continue to stretch the limits of our imagination! As they afford him the opportunity to travel on epic adventures. But this place is not all one would have hoped it would be as it holds a deep dark secret. All is well until you discover the malign reason for, “THE FLASH POINT PROJECT!”

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Time passes and we find Tom and Rose settling in to their new home but not all is right in paradise as they will soon find out. We follow them as they experience new and exciting adventures. What more secrets does this place hold? Only time will tell as they continue there search, but with 200 levels it could take a life time!

    My Uncle
      R.A. Rios

After the tragic death of a young girls parents she struggles to regain normality. It seems like all is lost and then Uncle Oliver moves in.

This is a heart warming story of a bond of love that surpasses a life time. And the healing power of laughter and adventure.

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